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Global Software Publishing

Avanquest is a leading provider of complete software publishing solutions to meet the global sales and distribution needs of developers. A fully integrated network of international value-added software publishers, Avanquest’s solution combines experienced product management, sales representation, package design, public relations and supply chain management systems, with proven direct retailer relationships in 90 percent of the world’s software markets.

Since its formation in June 2003 by the French-based BVRP Software Group, Avanquest has launched over 120 new software products in 14 countries, adding to its strong track record of successfully developing, marketing and selling products at retail outlets worldwide. Headquartered jointly in San Mateo, California and Munich, Germany, Avanquest has publishing centers in the following locations: France, Germany, United Kingdom and USA.

Developers may choose to work with Avanquest to penetrate one particular market or region or may work with Avanquest to publish their products in multiple territories and channels.

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